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Can you believe it? I still haven't finished the "Thank You Stars" table runner. Although the sashing is added the quilting has yet to begin. I do have an idea in mind of how to quilt, still haven't totally settled on it.

In the meantime, I purchased unbleached muslin for the next project. I have always wanted to make a redwork wall hanging but never took the time to do it. I will use three strands of embroidery floss and a free pattern found on the Connecting Threads website.

It has a fascinating history. It is believed to have began during the 1800's in orphanages for girls. They would be taught to embroider and many other practical seamstress skills. They would use a cheap muslin and readily available red thread called Turkey Red. The primary stitch used was the back stitch, but other basics were taught as well. As this technique became popular to women of all social classes, they started using it to decorate kitchen towels, pillow cases and even girls dresses in any available color. In the mid 1900s the trend became less popular until it died out. Recently it has emerged as a collectable piece of art often displayed in frames.

I have prepared my fabrics by starching stiff the muslin and then cutting it into squares which will fit nicely in my embroidery hoop. I have traced the pattern onto each piece with a #2 pencil. After I have backstitched the markings will not show. I am being admitted to the hospital Monday for at least five day for testing. The doctors are hoping through the video EEG, they will be able to better treat my epilepsy. I am a little nervous about this because they will be stopping my anti-epileptic medications upon admittance. The sewing will be relaxing and help pass time.

***Click on the picture below to be directed to their website for this pattern.

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