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No Regrets

I had a day of quilting only planned, until my schedule changed. I thought about skipping out but I know the years are numbered with both of my mom's parents. Life is precious, life it too short. So I did spend the day with them putting their decorations up. I must say God is good and he has blessed us with still having them with us. Due to the fact President Bush 41 passed away this past week, a lot of quotes from him or his wife have flooded Facebook. This one touched my heart as it is so true and put into words my thoughts better than I. "At the end of your life, you will never regret not passing one more test, winning another verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret not spending more time with a husband, a child, a friend or a parent" (Mrs. Barbra Bush) I will testify this is 100% true. You never know what tomorrow holds. Love your family and friends so you can look back and say, "no regrets."

My intent was not only to do some piece work, but make a few videos also. For me I learn best with "real" pictures (as opposed to diagrams) and detailed step by step instructions. Thus far all my tips have been done in this format. Yet, I know many find video's to be more helpful. It may take awhile, but I will eventually add a quick video to my tips and techniques. How does this sound? Any suggestions?

I will be returning home tomorrow evening and have a full day in the quilting studio planned for Friday. Hopefully those post will be more quilt oriented!

It is 11:49pm so I am barely making the deadline if the 5th day of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.

I hope you had a wonderful day and tomorrow will be even more blessed!


This Wall Hanging was made specially for my boyfriends mom. She loves dogs!

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