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  • Sarah Marcina

Christmas Shopping!

What a wonderful day to go Christmas shopping at the mall. Cold enough to feel like winter with a few snowflakes and still before the last minute mad rush. Bobby asked me why I love the mad house Christmas shopping. I told him it feels like I am a child again! Who doesn't love to feel that not a care in the world and all is right every once in awhile? What a better place this world would be if the Spirit of Christmas would be in the forefront throughout the year.

By Spirit of Christmas mean Jesus.

This next week will be filled with quilting, pattern writing, and confection making! Tonight I will put together the fruit cake mix and let it permeate until Monday. I love the smell of all the spices. It brings back happy memories from years past. Granny taught me how to make it using the recipe my great-great grandmother used. I will share her recipe later this week when I have pictures to go along with it!

Have a blessed day!


I thought I would have time to quilt this baby before Christmas, but it is looking less and less likely. Oh well, it will be one of my wintertime hand quilting project.

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