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#2019MonthlyColorChallenge: April

First... I can't believe it is April already. Folks we're almost a third of the way through 2019! Let that sink in a moment. Wow.

I always enjoy the first of the month in quilt world because new Block of the Months are released. If you haven't been working on the #2019MonthlyColorChallenge, you should be. I've seen a few of the final layouts and they are stunning. You wouldn't believe these simple blocks can make such pretty quilts.

April's colors are blue. I found a print I wanted to use right away... an orphan from a layer cake. The hard part was finding a coordinating blue. I didn't know if my print was going to be the dark or light until I dumped my blues out. I keep my "scraps" in shoe box sized totes. You would be surprised how much can actually fit in one. I settled on these...

I'm making the block small. If you are making small blocks, starching is your best friend. Actually, no matter what size of a block you are making starch is your best friend. This is my recipe. Just to show the size, here is a picture of the fabrics cut and ready to go...

I was going to follow the pressing directions, but my fabric wasn't cooperating. One is a little thicker than the other so it wasn't pressing flat. Through the years, I have developed the philosophy of letting your fabric be the pressing guide then work with it. Some swear by only pressing open or always to the darkest color. I just let it guide me. If it's happy, it makes me happy.

Jen's diagrams are pretty easy to follow, as is her directions. The hour glass squares were simple. One thing to keep in mind when sewing small is the tinier you get the more accurate you must get. It can get wonky beyond use pretty quick. It ended up a little bit off, but not enough to write home about. I think I will make this into a doll sized quilt or perhaps something else... I'll be sure to share when it's finished though!

Find the pattern here:

Don't forget to check out these other bloggers take on April's block:

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