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Have you ever started your spring cleaning and then it become a room makeover? I have... more than once. And you know, it always takes a whole lot longer to get it all done, almost becomes a summer cleaning. My quilting room needs a desperate cleaning. After just finishing a project that required fussy cutting, my cutting table was, well... gone. I didn't throw away pieces I *might* use so they just piled up, and up and up some more. Rather than just cleaning up and putting everything away, it has turned into a mini-remodel. On top of my pile to sort, my table & ironing board is loaded with stuff that use to be on the shelves.

I hate to admit, I should have just cleaned up and let it go. I'm not really liking the yellow shelving. Ever had one of those projects that looked great in your mind but then flopped when you're actually doing it? Well, that is what is happening. I hope I can save the look. I have a lot of my grandmother and some of my great-grandmothers sewing supplies. I thought perhaps I could find a nice way of displaying them. Which took me to the thought of hmmm.... I like 50s decor, so bright and cheerful. As of now, it doesn't have a 50's vibe at all... more like a little kids room. Oh well, perhaps after it's finished I will like it!

Monday, April 2nd is when we start working on the second step of Polk's Compromise. Here's a little badge to share on social media to let others know about this quilt!

Have a blessed day and happy quilting,


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