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  • Sarah Marcina

#Thankful Thursdays

If you have ever wondered where God is in a situation, He is right there. Sometimes we can see His perfect plan and other times it may take a week, month, or even years to see. This past week was one of those times where is was perfectly clear He had placed together every single tidbit.

My mom had called me and said I am going to your grandma's house tomorrow, do you want to go? I wasn't feeling great and really didn't want too but it had been almost two weeks since I had. When I was getting ready the next day, I had to dig through my packed bags to get necessities, for we had just got back from vacation on Sunday. I even had to search out for my morning medicines... this is important later on. I really didn't want to go, but I just had this feeling I needed too.

When we got to my grandparent's house they were both ready to go out for the day. Grandma was having a good day and she wanted to go shopping. The timing worked perfect because my grandfather was going to "heart rehab" due to the stints a couple months ago. We all left their house at the same time and planned to meet up for lunch. I was so tired from the past week, I wasn't thrilled about going, but I did anyway only because it's rare my grandma can go out.

It wasn't long after we were at the store, my aunt received a phone called from the hospital saying my grandfather was in Afib and had been transported to the emergency room. For those who may not know what Afib is, it's basically your heart is out of rhythm and if not treated it will cause a stroke.

First miracle of the day: Grandma was having a good day! Her pain was under control and she had a good nights sleep... which is rare.

Second: It had been raining that morning and we almost decided not to go out! If my mom, aunt, grandmother and I didn't go to the store, Papaw would have stayed home.

Third: Through taking vitals at rehab they found a problem. Papaw's heart wasn't beating correctly and his blood pressure was high.

My grandmother's health prevented her from going to the hospital. My aunt went ahead and paid for grandma's nail polish (you know, essentials) then we headed back to their house. My mom and aunt went to the hospital. Finally we heard from my mom, and Papaw was stable.

That evening after visiting hours had passed, my aunt and mom went to my house. Remember my medicine I had to search for that morning? It was on the kitchen table along with what I take at night! Due to my epilepsy, there was no way I could afford to skip even one dose. They grabbed my unpacked bags and the essentials my mom keeps at my house for emergencies.

We later found out if my grandfather didn't get to the hospital when he did, he would have had a stroke. All because we went shopping, everything turned out the way God intended. Let me tell you Christian, the feeling I had that morning was only the Holy Spirit speaking to me. I needed to be there. Today, he is back home and in good health. God is good. I'm so thankful for His perfect timing and how the Holy Spirit leads us.

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