• Sarah Marcina

#2019 Monthly Color Challenge

Can you believe it is December already? Another year and decade is almost past! I've seen so many people with their decade pictures. When I look at mine I thought, wow, have I aged. I don't look like I'm in my twenties anymore and I am no longer a natural brunette! lol Yes, I have switched over to coloring my hair this year. Ugh! Onto things you would be more interested in... Jen's quilt along.

When I saw the color was purple I thought how appropriate for December, it made me think of royalty. Royalty because we celebrate the King of Kings Son.

This months flower is the Crocus. I didn't realize they are not only the first sign of spring, but they are actually a winter flower too. The more I researched this flower, I came across a few others that would bloom during the winter months in Ohio. Wouldn't it be nice to walk outside and see flowers blooming on a cold, snowy, wintry day?

When I made my block I paid no attention to the actual flower, so I didn't realize my pastel purples really suited it. This block was pretty straight forward and easy to do. I would suggest paying close attention to Jen's pressing directions. If you do each piece will perfectly nest and you will have crisp corners. I love blocks that are like that!

Check out these quilters for their take on Jen's challenge. Also, click here to get the pattern.