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Autumn Kitchen, Part 2

If you missed part one click here, It is actually "pretty things." Today is a simple fun (and odd) decoration. A little background though...

Forever and a day my granny (Marcina) had these potato sacks hanging in a small sitting room. I put them on the cabinet doors above the stove...and only for fall. I'm sure they are at least 60 years old!

First of all, crafty is not a word to describe Granny. She was a shrewd business woman who loved real estate. Let's just say she wasn't the typical lady of her time. Growing up in the hills of Tennessee, she knew how to hand quilt. She wasn't very fond of it but as an adult it brought her friends together. Here's a picture of Granny holding one up she helped quilt:

Back to where we started. (I just had to get something quilty in though!) I remember asking Granny about the potato sacks and she said the burlap came from real ones. They cut the sacks into into rectangles and then hand stitched them into a pouch. After turning right side out, they pulled a few of the strings off to fray. A little hole was cut toward the bottom so a tater could "fall" out. A piece of the burlap string was tied in a loop to hang by.

The potatoes feel like they are shaped from something foamy. I'm not sure it could actually be foam because of how old they are. (I've not researched when foam was first made. LoL) They are also wrapped in pantyhose.

The sacks were then filled with cut up newspaper and the potatoes were placed on top then secured by hand stitching.

I can't say this is my favorite thing I get out for fall, but it might be the most meaningful! Not that I really expect anyone to make these, but if you do please share on my Facebook page!

One last tidbit about Granny: I was actually named after her --- Marcina. I use my middle name as my last for business. There are thousands of Sarah's with my last name but only one Sarah Marcina.

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