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Christmas in July

I'm lovin' this Welcoming Snowman! I've been wanting to make something for my front door to hang during the winter.

I decided to go with a winter pattern for a couple reasons.

1) If you're making a Christmas project as a gift it will be the next year before they use it.

2) It will be used longer. Christmas decor is out a month or so and then is switched out to winter things. (Although I must admit, my Christmas things were up well into January this year!)

3) I don't have much winter home decor...

Welcoming Snowman is quick and easy. Two snowflake blocks and an appliqued snowman is all it takes.

The pattern is pretty detailed so I'm just leaving a few tips here.

1) If you're not sure about a technique, just follow along. In the end it will come out fine! Specifically, I'm referring to the flying geese! When I first started using the no waste method, I couldn't see how in the world this...

results in flying geese. I trusted directions though. I went with the flow. I had to make them a couple times before I could even see it. Now, it is my go to method! Besides the accuracy, I have saved so much fabric!

2. Get creative with your snowman. I've share the template in the pattern, but accessorize him! Add a scarf. Use a button for his nose... you know, like Frosty the Snowman. Make a toboggan instead of a top hat. There are so many options. Just have fun!

3. Keep the Reference Guides provided in the pattern for other projects. I use mine all the time!

There are so many more fun Christmas in July projects. Here are their links!

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SNOWMEN!!! OMG I love snowmen. I can see this going on all sorts of things.


I saw the code, but at the price of the pattern, I was more than willing to support your business, so I didn't use it. I love snowmen! This is a great pattern, thanks!


What a fun pattern. Thanks for sharing your talents and taking the time to participate in the Christmas in July Pattern Parade Blog Hop.

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