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Polk's Compromise QAL

Today is the official first day of the quilt along! Yay! A lot of work has went into making this happen and I am excited to see everyone's projects evolve. For the next two weeks we have a total of 160 four patches to make. Sounds like a lot right? Honestly, it doesn't take that long of time to make them. Here the link to my easy step by step instructions. I call them Perfect Four Patches, because it really isn't that hard making them perfect using my directions. Don't worry if their not perfect though!

It might sound odd bu just practice feeling your fabric nesting together, I talk about that a little bit in today's Facebook video.

I encourage you to share your pictures in the QAL group page. I might just show yours off in Instagram post or in my blog.

I'll leave you too it!

Happy Quilting,


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