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Quilt Block Mania: June 2021

Introducing June's block:

International Airport Adventure!

This month we only had a topic and were free to run with colors.

Topic: International

With such little information comes a lot of room for creation. The other blocks are pretty cool too! Their links are at the bottom of the page.

This month I threw a little challenge into the block... Foundation Paper Piecing! The little airplane gave me nothing but trouble starting out. Yet, eventually, it is pretty perfect. I didn't go into detail on Foundation Paper Piecing in the directions. There are hundreds of awesome videos on YouTube taking you step by step and sharing some great tips for foundation piecing. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take a picture of the airplane before I finished the block so the mister's hat is showing in the corner.

If you have been making my blocks, I'm sure you have the sunbonnet people applique down pretty well. Same process with slightly different pieces. As a bonus, I went ahead and added the suite case and purse templates. This block just didn't quite look complete without them! For the purse, I did several rows of backstitches alternating between white and orange. For the suite case handles, I also used the basic backstitch. As always, I blanket stitched around the pieces even though they are fused down.

In designing this block, I looked at tons of airport pictures. I picked a few I thought could translate well into my block. Some of the airports had a wall paper top to bottom on the walls and others were tiled all over. My solution... wall paper the top half and tile the bottom portion with a solid divider in between. Perfect! I used fabric from Christa Watson's Good Vibes collection for the wall paper, flooring and airplane. The tile is from Cheryl Lynch's Mosaic collection.

What's an airport without a welcome sign. You have to know where you landed! Tip: Iron fabric onto fusible webbing and then cut a 7" square. Do not peel the paper off! This how the fabric becomes printer friendly. After you printed the sign, trim down to your perfect size.

This block is so busy, I decided to frame it with solid black. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it. Just three more short months until we have twelve sunbonnet blocks for our quilt!

International Airport Adventure
Download PDF • 718KB

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10 juin 2021

Thank you for your airport block.

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