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Spring Cleaning!

Isn't there just something about spring cleaning? The world outside is bright and fresh with color, it's nice to bring that feeling inside!

After finishing a large project I take a day or so to clean up and organize. I typically start my machine. I clean the lint, oil if needed and check all the little things. I always change the needle. Did you know the professionals say to change your needle after every eight hours of sewing?

My sewing room was pretty messy and I needed to make a little space for my Mary Kay business supplies. I was gifted this shelving unit and it is perfect. Two columns go to Mary Kay the other column goes to quilting. The top conveniently houses my printer and my grandmothers sewing machine.

I have been trying to figure out the perfect fabric organization for awhile now. I don't tend to stash much. I design, buy fabric and then make. The problems is my designing

and buying does not always keep up with making. I am allergic to some sizing, so when fabric arrives it automatically gets washed before entering my sewing room. After it is washed, I group all the fabrics for a project together and place it on a shelf.

There are three future quilts on this shelf.

Fabric that doesn't have a current design is still organized with my future quilt system. The top section of pastels have a 40s vibe. The next stack are Civil War Reproduction fabric plus a few blenders. The bottom stack is bright fun retros from Connecting Threads. In a notebook I have the fabric names, collection and how much of each I have.

I still have some "orphan" fabric of reasonable size so it is in a pile. I continue using shoe box sized totes for scraps. I keep them neatly stored on a shoe rack under my cutting table.

Another new organization is my safety pin / clips. They were in jelly jars taking up usable space. A canning jar has tons of uses, but this just wasn't doing it for me. Besides, I will need them for actually canning! I found plastic crayon boxes at Wal-Mart. They are perfect and stack neatly.

Last year, I talked about wanting to replace my table cloth design wall with a real design wall. I wasn't able to spend the money one, but I did get white felt. That simple switch made my whole room feel brighter. An added bonus is I have a great place for photos without even trying!

I feel like I was able to fine tune organization ... but isn't that always a work in progress?

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Thank you Cheryl for another great blog hop!

April 14 - Mitzi Redd

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