• Sarah Marcina

Spring Cleaning!

Isn't there just something about spring cleaning? The world outside is bright and fresh with color, it's nice to bring that feeling inside!

After finishing a large project I take a day or so to clean up and organize. I typically start my machine. I clean the lint, oil if needed and check all the little things. I always change the needle. Did you know the professionals say to change your needle after every eight hours of sewing?

My sewing room was pretty messy and I needed to make a little space for my Mary Kay business supplies. I was gifted this shelving unit and it is perfect. Two columns go to Mary Kay the other column goes to quilting. The top conveniently houses my printer and my grandmothers sewing machine.

I have been trying to figure out the perfect fabric organization for awhile now. I don't tend to stash much. I design, buy fabric and then make. The problems is my designing