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  • Sarah Marcina

Sunshine Village Church

February 2023 Quilt Block Mania's theme is "Connections." After pondering how to incorporate connections into this years quilt, I began to list places where I feel the most connected to my community. The number one thing on my list was church. Friendships, support, love, happiness, joy, fulfillment, service, peaceful, helping others and the list could continue on.

Pictured is my test block. I didn't do the embroidery on it, well, because it was just the test block! I will share the "real" one on Facebook and in a future blog post. I will be much happier with the 'real' and finished block. I'm still waiting on the fabric to arrive!

The Sonshine Village Church is the second block to the "Sunshine Village" quilt. It is made up of twelve village locations. Each month during Quilt Block Mania another location will be released. In December, I will share directions on how to assemble the quilt, which includes Sunbonnet Sues, Overall Sams and little ones too. There is "grass" and "sidewalks" areas to applique them. Trust me, the quilt is totally adorable. I absolutely love, love it!

Purchase the "Sonshine Village Church" pattern here:

Hint, hint: As soon as I finish my Sunshine Village quilt, I'll put together the fabric requirements in case you would like to prep for the whole quilt! In the meantime, check out the other "Connection" blocks for February's Quilt Block Mania!

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