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  • Sarah Marcina

Up Side Down... Again

Have you ever had monumental points in your life where everything seems to have fallen upside down? If you haven't, your blessed but to be certain there is that time to come in your life.

Five years ago grandmother passed away and that was a life-changing moment. For five years prior, I lived across the street and helped take care of her. She had dementia and a couple other health problems. I whole heartedly believe dementia is the cruelest disease known to man. The body remains, the person is forever gone.

It was her desire that I live in her house after she passed. I knew I had two options, 1) Watch a stranger move into her home, or 2) Be the one to live there. It was a very emotional decision to make. My house was rented out when I moved into my grandmothers. And now the time has come for me to move back home.

The day before we found out the renters were moving out, I had literally put the final touch to my new fully finished basement studio... the cute sitting area. It was perfect! I loved everything about my new space. Baamm! I felt like I had been hit by an emotional freight train. To be honest, I was a mess the first couple of days until I could get my emotions straightened out.

I realized I had fulfilled my grandmothers wish. I had fully utilized every inch of the house to it's fullest potential. All be it just a short day for the basement!

By time this post comes out, more than likely I will already be in my new-old house. Yet, I still wanted to take you, my faithful readers, on this journey. So buckle your belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride, if I truly pour out my emotions.

(My new-old house.)

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