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Welcome to the Hope for Tomorrow Quilt Along!

About Me!

For those who don't know me, I'll do a quick introduction. I made my first "quilt" when I was five. In college I dabbled a little and made a few baby quilts. Several years ago while taking care of my grandmother, who has since passed, quilting became an emotional outlet. A little over two years ago, I started designing. I love the entire creative process... from the first spark of inspiration to the last stitch of binding! This quilt along is my fourth participant project. I have previously hosted two mystery quilts and one quilt along. (Check them out at the bottom of the page.)

Besides my quilting life, I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I love my clients and building friendships with them! My family is the most important part of my life, besides my God who is the first. I wish I could give you this big exciting story of all the animals I have and the great husband and children... but right now, I'm single, childless and petless. lol I will be an auntie in February though!!! Can't wait! In short, that sums me up! Just as I enjoy getting to know my clients, I look forward to getting to know my fellow quilters! You can "Like" my Facebook page, introduce yourself and post plenty of Hope for Tomorrow pictures!

The Quilt Along!

The only "fee" for this project is the $9.99 pattern. You can purchase the pattern here. Weekly we will work through the quilt together. I will share tips, tricks and pictures on my blog and Facebook. If you are a beginner and wondering if this is for you... the answer is YES! When I say beginner, I mean anyone can make it.

This week our focus is "Gathering Your Supplies & Prep." So let's start!

If you like my quilt, you can make one just like it with fabric from Christa Watson's Good Vibes collection. At the bottom of the page download the PDF fabric checklist. If you want to change up your fabrics, the download can also help with fabric choice.

The ago old question... "To wash or not to wash?" I suggest washing. You can read my blog post here for my reasons.

This quilt doesn't require any special tools. I suggest you have the basics such as a square ruler measuring at least 12 inches. A smaller square is awesome too. (I love my 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" Creative Grids ruler!) You definitely want a new blade on your rotary cutter!

Although it isn't required, I highly suggest getting the 10 1/2" Adjustable Strip Quilt Ruler. I have to stop and brag a minute about this ruler from "Off the Wall Quilt," I love this ruler! It has changed my strip cutting, they are beyond accurate and perfectly straight. Not to mention the finger guard! Click here to learn more about the ruler or get one of your own.

Last but not least, Eva Blake's Makery has a quilt planner that keeps everything together and perfectly organized. If you're like me and have multiple projects going, this book will certainly help you keep sorted! Here is her short promo video:

One last note: Clean your machine! Your sewing machine is going to be hard at work, so give her a little love before you start.

As promised, here are pictures of my other group projects along with their pattern links.

Hope for Tomorrow Gather Your Supplies
Download P • 398KB

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