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English Paper Piecing vs. Foundation Piecing

These two get confused a lot. In fact, when I fist started paper piecing, I didn't know the difference. Here's a quick rundown of them both.

English paper piecing involves using a cut out template typically a diamond or hexagon. The most famous EPP quilt is "Grandma's Flower Garden." There are several essential supplies for EPP: shaped templates, thread needle and fabric...simple enough. In EPP, you cut a piece of fabric the shape of the template 1/2" bigger than the template. IF the template is 2", you will cut the shape 2 1/2." Next wrap the fabric around the template and baste. If you are using a pattern it will specify how many piece you need. Once you have basted the fabric over your templates, you will hand stitch the pieces together.

Carolina Moore has newly published book called "Learn How to English Paper Piece" The details of how to EPP are great and it includes some quick and pretty projects. One of those projects in the Grandmother's Flower Patch Quilt. Love it!

The second type of paper piecing is called Foundation piecing. I have a tutorial for paper piecing Flying Geese. The cool thing about foundation piecing is you can practically make any object. The possibilities are endless. For this method, you sew on top of the paper. You print out the pattern and it will be coded with either numbers, letters, or both. There are many positives to using paper piecing. The thing I like most about it is you can get perfect points blocks such as flying geese.

English Paper Piecing and Foundation Paper Piecing is virtually comparing apples to oranges. The one common denominator is you use paper of some sort. I always have the urge to correct people when they use the terms incorrectly. I resist though. You can find my tutorial of Foundation Piecing here. January 31st I will have at least one project from Carolina Moore's book to share.

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