• Sarah Marcina

#2019MonthlyColorChallenge: May

Spider Mums are quite interesting. Even though I have several flower beds and a veggie garden, I'm beginning to realize how little I know about flowers. This quilt challenge has taught me quite a bit and we're only to month five! Like the other blocks, I researched the flower some. Here's a couple things I found...

-They are often used in bridal bouquets

-They represent liveliness

-White ones symbolize purity & truth

-Traditionally if one delivers them to their fiance is means let's elope.

-In European countries they are a symbol of death & usually taken to grave sites.

I accidentally made enough HST for two blocks, so I decided to experiment a little...

1. Question: Does pressing the fabric in opposite directions change the actual look of the block.

Answer: Yes, it does.

Explain: My take away is pressing directions do matter. From now on I will pay extra attention to the directions in a pattern.

2. Question: Does a different needle (although be it the same kind) change the stitches?

Answer: Yes, it does.