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#2019MonthlyColorChallenge: May

Spider Mums are quite interesting. Even though I have several flower beds and a veggie garden, I'm beginning to realize how little I know about flowers. This quilt challenge has taught me quite a bit and we're only to month five! Like the other blocks, I researched the flower some. Here's a couple things I found...

-They are often used in bridal bouquets

-They represent liveliness

-White ones symbolize purity & truth

-Traditionally if one delivers them to their fiance is means let's elope.

-In European countries they are a symbol of death & usually taken to grave sites.

I accidentally made enough HST for two blocks, so I decided to experiment a little...

1. Question: Does pressing the fabric in opposite directions change the actual look of the block.

Answer: Yes, it does.

Explain: My take away is pressing directions do matter. From now on I will pay extra attention to the directions in a pattern.

2. Question: Does a different needle (although be it the same kind) change the stitches?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Explain: This surprised me. I didn't think it would because the needle was the same brand, both 70/10, both from the same package. Perhaps it could have been because the needle in my machine wasn't as sharp, I'm not sure the reason. To make sure it wasn't the opposite pressing direction, I used scrap fabric from the block to test the old needle verses the new one, the stitches still looked different. Do you have an idea why this would be?

3. What happens when you press open? Does it lay totally flat?

Answer: The dog ate my fabric.

Explain: I believe the answer is yes, but I ran out of the solid green fabric.

4. Does using different brands/kinds of starch make a difference?

Answer: I don't know.

Explain: I make my own starch because I haven't found a store bought one that doesn't make my eyes water and give me a rash. I'm not sure what chemical it is, but something doesn't like me. Has anyone ever used different starches in a project and seen a difference in the blocks?

IF this had of been a science experiment, I would have failed terribly with only answering two questions. Perhaps you have opinions, share away in the comments!

Don't end here with your blog hopping, make sure you have visited all the other bloggers!

A few last things:

~We are in the midst of the Polk's Compromise Quilt Along. The pattern is here. Join the group "The Quilt Along: Polk's Compromise" on Facebook.

~Cheryl Sleboda is hosting the 2019 Spring Cleaning Blog Hop (#springcleanyourstudio2019). I can't wait to share my before & after pictures on May 9th.

~Charisma Horton, from Charisma's Corner, is hosting a quilt retreat in October. Spots are filling up fast!

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