• Sarah Marcina

Diary of a Patriot: Clue 3

Aren't you excited? More flying geese for clue three! I promise though, these are the last of them. Ironically, I found these to be easier than the larger geese. It did take a little longer, but not much.

A couple tips:

-If your flying geese are not coming out to size double check your squares, drawn lines, and seam allowance.

-Pin your blocks together and make sure they are properly matched then draw your line.

-If your seam allowance is off and it will take a long time adjusting, draw a sew line instead.

-Lastly, if you have a favorite way of making flying geese, just do it! If you need to cut your fabric different, check the final size and then do so.

An important note for those who are doing embroidery for the twin, you only need five of the nine. For the remainder of the mystery, two patterns will be shared every other week. A couple of suggestions on how to decide which ones to use: