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Diary of a Patriot Fabric Alternatives

Last week I shared a couple different fabric palettes for those who would prefer different colors. Using those color combos, I'm going to share a few favorite fabrics to build those. I've fallen in love with these alternatives and wish I could make them all!

This post contains affiliate links and if you make a purchase using those links I will get a small commission which helps keep this website up and running.


Here is a fun fact, in American English it is spelled "gray" in British English it is "grey." So the next time you think is it "ay" or "ey" you're right either way! I suggest just using solids, it makes a modern statement bringing quilts up to date.

I chose Dove, White, Silver and Charcoal from Connecting Threads. Click each color icon to be linked.

Endless Summer

When I put these colors together is made me think of summertime. Maybe it was the bright green for grass and pink for flowers? If I were to use this palette, these are my fabric choices from Connecting Threads "Painted Meadow" collection. Click each icon to be linked to the fabric.

Clearwater Toffee

I wasn't being happy with some of the variations, so I looked up paint. I can't remember which one was which now, but one of the names was Clearwater and another was Toffee, hence the palette name was born. Connecting Threads "Tessellations" collection fit the bill perfectly! Click each fabric swatch to be linked.


In naming this group, the somewhat muted colors reminded me of this past year. It's been one of the valley years for me. Ironically, the collection these come from is "Evening Romance" by Connecting Threads.


I think bright, vibrant, and fun with this palette. Solids were perfect to make bold even bolder. I decided on Connecting Threads Solids: Flame, Marigold, Teal & Atlantis. Click the color swatch to be redirected to the fabric.

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