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Hope for Tomorrow QAL Carpenters Star Part One

I hope everyone is ready to start sewing! This week we are going to be making the half square triangles for the center star, directions are on page two of the pattern.

I'm super excited to make these! We are going to use the four at a time method, it's pretty simple! So easy that if you can put two squares right sides together, pin in place and stitch around the perimeter you're already a pro. Let's break it down a little more though.

For the Carpenters Star, we need to make 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" half square triangles (HST).

In the directions (page 2), you will see a graph like this:

For this color combination, you will need one Fabric C and one Fabric F. If you are using Christa Watson's Good Vibes collection, the Fabrics are Coral Bedazzled & Coral Bubblegum.

We are going to say these swatches are 7 1/4" x 7 1/4" squares. Lay the fabric squares right side together. I suggest using stickpins around the perimeter.

Sew a quarter inch around the square. In the picture, the black line represents the sew line.

After you sew, cut on the diagonal as illustrated by the red line. You will have four triangles. Open the triangles up and you will end up half square triangles. PRESS. Pressing the seam open or to the darker side is a personal preference. I prefer to press seams open. I feel like I have less bulk. The way you press isn't as important the pressing technique: ironing vs. pressing.

When ironing you are pulling the fabric typically with a circular or stretching motion. (Think about ironing clothes and purposely stretch the fabric.) You don't want to do this when using an iron for quilting. The goal is to make the fabric flat and smooth without stretching the fabric... hence the term pressing. Pick up and press the iron down rather than moving it as if you were ironing clothes.

Once the HST have been starched and pressed, trim them down to size. TIP: When trimming half square triangles, place the 45* mark on the seam. Use the seam rather than a side of the block as a guide. I love my Creative Grids square rulers for this!

I can't wait to see your half square triangles! Next week we will join these blocks together creating the Carpenter's Star.

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