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Merry Christmas!

Today we celebrate the true Hope for all of our tomorrows. Without Jesus our lives would be hopeless. I once heard for the Christian the definition of hope is the confidence God will do what He promises.

We may not know what our tomorrows hold, but I do know who holds my tomorrow. What a blessing to know regardless of what happens tomorrow and the many tomorrows ahead, my God is bigger and strong than any circumstances. He already knows what will happen, good, bad, and what we may consider indifferent. He has a plan, we just need to blindly follow by faith.

If you're looking for a project to start off 2021 join our "Hope for Tomorrow" quilt along. You can find more information about it here. A picture of the quilt is at the bottom of this post!

I will share this little project for my hope quilt. It isn't finished, I don't know it will have an end. When my grandmother was ill and I was helping care for her this was my stress relief project. All of my frustrations went into it. I spend many midnights with this fabric in hand trying to stay awake. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Check out my fellow Hope Quilts bloggers. I love their quilty stories!


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