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Hope Quilts Blog Hop

This very troublesome year is slowly coming to a close, as it does many look forward to what they hope to be a better tomorrow. When I designed this quilt, I was watching St. John's Episcopal church in Washington D.C. being set afire. My heart was breaking for our nation... sickness, death, destruction. Like many other times, I took out my sketchbook and started drawing. Initially, I sketched the quilt to be gray monochromatic. It was dark, sad, and fit the feelings of the time. Why though? Why feed into those desperate emotions... we have the Blessed Hope of a better tomorrow. Hence, the quilt and the 2021 quilt along, "Hope for Tomorrow" was born.

The fabric is apart of Christa Watson's "Good Vibes" collection. Charisma Horton of Charisma's Corner is the longarm quilter.

Join me and my fellow quilt designers for a Hope Quilt tour leading up to the "Hope for Tomorrow" quilt along. We will share a special quilt that has given us feelings of hope during a desperate time of our lives. Each quilt has its own unique and personal story. As to the quilt along, you can purchase the pattern here. When purchased during December, you will also receive special offers exceeding a total of $150. Fabric Kits are available by Christa Quilts.

December 1- Sarah Marcina (The Quilted Diary)

December 2 - Charisma Horton (Charisma's Corner)

December 3 - Jen Frost (Faith & Fabric)

December 4 - Terri Vanden Bosch (Lizard Creek Quilting)

December 5 - Tammy Silvers (Tamarinis)

December 7 - Carolyn Burgess (Applique Quilts and More)

December 8 - Jo Westfoot (The Crafty Nomad)

December 9 - Lisa Ruble (Love to Color My World)

December 10 - Sarah Marcina (The Quilted Diary)

December 11- Laura Strickland (Orange Blossom Quilt)

December 14- Carolyn Burgess (Applique Quilts and More)

December 15- Kris Driessen (Phoebe Moon Designs)

December 17- Teresa Weaver (Sewing Friend News)

December 18- Kate Colleran (Dreaming in Color)

December 21- Alyce Blyth (Blossom Heart Quilts)

December 22- Jen Frost (Faith & Fabric)

December 24- Sarah Marcina (The Quilted Diary)

December 26- Becca Fenstermaker (Pretty Piney Quilts)

December 30- Kathryn LeBlanc (Dragonfly's Quilting and Design Studio)

December 31- Sarah Marcina (The Quilted Diary)

Hope for Tomorrow Quilt Pattern

Four things you must know...

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