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As we prepare for Christmas Eve & Day, don't forget the real meaning of Christmas. Yes, this time is stressful. Yes, this year is lonely. Yes, this year is different. Yes... In spite of all the "yesses", we still have Christ. Instead of making all of those cookies and candies, make a birthday cake for Jesus. I remember doing that when we were young. Maybe you don't have the money because all of your savings had to go to essentials while you were laid off work. Explain to the kiddos this year is different and the celebration is just for Jesus!

Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to share a Facebook Live from my grandparents. Since we won't be able to be together they are planning on going live so my grandfather can read the Christmas story from the Bible. To be honest, Christmas Eve just wouldn't be Christmas Eve without that. I'm hoping they will sing Silent Night following the reading of the Scripture as is tradition when we're together. Also, I will be sharing a video from years past tomorrow for my blog.

68" x 60" Beginner (Easy)

To end, Jesus is our hope for tomorrow. When I was designing the quilt I was watching the church in Washington D.C. being set on fire. In all honesty, my heart was breaking and I was in tears. In a way it felt like the very foundation of our nation was officially being destroyed. After I had the quilt sketched in my notebook, I almost colored it in a bleak monochrome, it fit my emotions. As I was taking out my markers, the thought crossed my mind... Christ is still the answer and tomorrow is filled with hope because of God and no one can take that away.

This year has been rough. I don't know anyone that hasn't been touched by it in one way or another. Yet, let us not give up hope and prayer that God would give us a better tomorrow. I encourage you to join in the quilt along and stitch happiness into each piece. Purchase the pattern before December 31st and receive special offers exceeding an $150 value!

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