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  • Sarah Marcina

I Don't Know About Tomorrow

One year ago today, many plans were being made for the new year... weddings, vacations, new businesses opening, job promotions, babies on the way... Then, as we have come to say, "after all, it's 2020." In a way, this song, "I Know Holds Tomorrow" is perfectly descriptive. Little did we know, this month a year ago, a deadly virus had entered our nation and would bring our lives to a screeching halt.

I don't need to give a "year in review" as we all know it so well. I will say this, I have a Hope for tomorrow that brings me peace and comfort regardless of the situation. It isn't my family, it isn't friends, it isn't even the church... it's my God. He knew before we even had a thought about the year 2020, He knew what was going to happen. Just as He knew 2020, He knows 2021.

This isn't to say, I don't have feelings of fear, anxiousness, or depression. I just have Hope. I have Hope that God is ultimately in control. Today, as we close out the year, I would like to introduce you to my Hope. His name is Jesus. Jesus came to this world as a baby... that's what Christmas is all about. This little baby grew up to be the man that would die on a cross some 2,000 years ago for me and you. He gave His life, so that we might be able to have eternal life in Heaven and be able to live life on earth more abundantly. Click here to learn more.

In conclusion, my "Hope for Tomorrow" quily came about when things seemed so dire in our country. I thought about sketching it in gray monotones... yet, I started thinking about no matter how dark it may be now, our Hope is in Christ. With my Hope in Christ, no matter how bad things may seem, tomorrow is brighter because of Him!

I hope you will join me for the "Hope for Tomorrow" quilt along which begins on Thursday, January 7th. Weekly we will work through the quilt together! I can't wait to begin!!! Click here to purchase the pattern.

Check out my designer friends "Hope Quilts!"

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